Tennessee Restaurant Named The Best Place To Eat In The State

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

In a state filled with incredible hidden gem restaurants and must-try eateries, Tennessee continues to prove itself as a foodie haven with the restaurant named the best place to eat in the entire state.

ShermansTravel.com searched the country for the tastiest restaurants around, compiling a list of the absolute best place to grab a bite to eat in each state, "from Delaware's first Italian joint to a 50-year-old California restaurant that started the farm-to-table movement."

According to the site, the best place to eat in all of Tennessee is 5th & Taylor, which aims to "foster a sense of community, hospitality and warmth," per its website. 5th & Taylor is located at 1411 5th Ave. N. in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville.

Here's what the site had to say:

"5th & Taylor in Nashville is chef Daniel Lindley's homage to the all-American Sunday dinner. The menu is inspired by his own childhood Sunday dinners, and guests can find refined yet traditional fare. The eatery resides in a historic warehouse, and every design aspect has a purpose: A life-size statue of Nashville's namesake General Francis Nash anchors the main dining room; two-way mirrors shield raised private dining rooms; and evergreens line the outdoor patio to give diners reprieve from the bustling city."

Check out ShermansTravel.com to see more of the best places to eat around the country.

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