Why You Should Never Wet Your Toothbrush Before Brushing Your Teeth

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When it comes to brushing your teeth, there seem to be two sides - the people who wet their toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on it and the folks who wet the brush after they've added toothpaste. Well it turns out, whichever you do, you are wrong. That's because dentists are warning patients not to put water on their toothbrushes at all.

Dr. Nigel Carter explained to News-Medical.net that adding water to the brush weakens the bristles and makes them less effective in cleaning teeth. Meanwhile, Dr. Sahil Patel told The Mirror that wetting the toothbrush "dilutes it," adding, "Toothpaste already has the right amount of moisture. If [the toothbrush] is wet, it makes [the toothpaste] foam up faster and makes you spit it out sooner."

The news is probably shocking to many since, according to a poll conducted on Reddit, only 8% of people currently don't add any water to their brushes. For those who do and need to stop, dentists suggest finding a brush with softer bristles.

The dental professionals have other suggestions too. One recommends not using dental floss and instead going with interdental brushes, stating, "The bristles that clean between the teeth can get to corners and tricky areas that the toothbrush can't get to clean our plaque, this makes them more effective than floss and they come in many shapes and sizes to ensure a good fit."

One other suggestion is about what to wear when you see the dentist. Because things can get a little messy there, Dr. Patel advises, "Try to avoid clothes that are valuable or sentimental as they can be damaged/stained with the water and/or colored dental materials. Try to wear patterned or dark colors, and avoid wearing your work shirt if you're on your lunch break. Avoid turtlenecks and high-collared shirts." Your best bet is to go in gym clothes or loungewear.

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