The Tiniest Town In Tennessee Is Home To Only 81 People

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Tennessee is home to plenty of big cities, from the blues-heavy bustling streets of Memphis to the country music tourist destination of Nashville. However, the small towns across the state are what make up the very fabric of what makes Tennessee the Volunteer State.

Using data from the United States 2010 Census, Country Living compiled a list of the tiniest towns in each state, including one small spot in Tennessee you may not have heard of before.

The lifestyle magazine gathered a list of the least-populated towns in the country, and some of their populations are downright shocking. While the smallest town in Tennessee has a population nearing 100, there are some spots on the list that are only home to one or two people, like Little Grass Valley in California or South Park View in Kentucky.

Which small Tennessee town was named the tiniest in the entire state?

With a population of just 81 people, the report lists Saulsbury in Hardeman County as the smallest town in the Volunteer State. Located just east of Memphis near the border of Tennessee and Mississippi, Saulsbury is the least-populated incorporated municipality in Tennessee.

Check out the full gallery of each state's smallest town here.

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