This Is The Most Expensive Zip Code In Tennessee

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Have you ever wondered which zip code in Tennessee is the most expensive? With plenty to choose from, and several densely-populated metropolitan areas, the most affluent zip code in the state might be different than the one you expect.

Using data compiled from the September 2020 Zillow Home Value Index and studied by Construction Coverage, Newsweek compiled a list of the most affluent zip codes in each state, including one region in Tennessee.

Construction Coverage's Michael LaFirenza told the outlet:

"Many of the nation's most expensive zip codes are located just outside of major urban areas, which, given shifting preferences among home buyers in the wake of COVID-19, experienced dramatic price increases this past year."

So which zip code is the most affluent in Tennessee?


The most expensive zip code in the state covers areas of Nashville, including Green Hill and Forest Hills. According to the report, the average price for a home in this zip code is $696,557 compared to the state average of $193,693.

This isn't the first time the area was recognized as being more expensive than other regions of the state. Earlier this year, a nearby city was named the richest town in Tennessee.

For the full report on the most expensive zip codes in each state, check here.

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