Missing Pet Monkey Found Jumping Around Memphis Clothing Store

Photo: Getty Images

In Tennessee, there are plenty of illegal animals residents are not allowed to keep as pets. Small primates and exotic animals, however, are permitted as pets in both the state and Memphis. And like any other pet that goes missing, owners will do anything to find them. That's what happened to one woman in Memphis when her pet monkey went missing.

Brandi Jefferson was driving around the city with Ice, her pet Common Marmoset, when she stopped by a Dollar Tree at Centennial Commons on Tuesday (July 13), WREG reports. She cracked the window for the quick five-minute trip, but when she came to the car, Ice was gone. After a search of the area turned up no sign of the missing monkey, she took to social media pleading for help. Fortunately, it didn't take long to find Ice.

Arionna Moffit and a friend were shopping at the Summit in the Commons Wednesday afternoon when they saw the monkey jumping around the clothing store. Luckily for Jefferson, Moffitt recognized the small primate as Ice.

"She was jumping around over there, but my brother he knows the girl whose monkey it is, and I saw it on Facebook, so I knew whose monkey it was," she said.

WREG reports that AR Jordan, an employee at the store, believes Ice got in through an open door in the back on Tuesday, but found humor in the situation.

"I love it," Jordan told the news outlet. "I hope it can stay here."

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