This Is The Most Watched TV Show In Tennessee

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In a year like none we have seen before, life can be a bit overwhelming. Like many others, you may find it relaxing to lounge at home in front of the TV and enjoy an episode or two of your favorite show as you unwind from the day.

Career website Zippia recently created a list of each state's most-watched shows. To determine the list, Zippia looked the Top 100 most highly ranked shows on IMDB. From there, they used Google Trends over the past 12 months to figure what people in each state were watching the most on TV and streaming services.

While several states were focused on shows that are still airing (or were at the time the list was published), most were watching fan-favorite reruns. The most-watched show across all 50 states was Friends, followed Netflix's The Umbrella Academy.

So which show are Tennesseans watching the most?


Maybe it's nostalgia or just preparing for the Friends reunion that recently premiered on HBO Max, but people in Tennessee were enjoying watching reruns of this classic sitcom of 20-somethings figuring out life in New York City.

The states surrounding Tennessee, however, were more interested in other genres. Viewers in North Carolina and Mississippi were more interested in medical drama Grey's Anatomy, while people in Arkansas and Georgia were tuning into paranormal and sci-fi shows like Supernatural and Stranger Things, respectively.

Check out what show each state was watching here.

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