Tennessee Woman Reunites Father And Daughter After Years-Long Search

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A woman was finally reunited with her long-lost father after years of searching, and it's thanks to a woman in Memphis.

Since 2013, Brittany Murphy Moore has spent years looking for her biological father. After several dead-ends, and even communicating with another man of the same name, she found the real man's address, according to WREG.

"When I got this address, I'm like I'm not going to write a personal letter to this address if I don't know if that's him," she said. "So I drove by, and of course there were vehicles, and I sat there and I wondered if I could see somebody come out."

While waiting to see if someone stepped outside the home, she noticed a neighbor across the street working in her garage. She walked over to the woman, who introduced herself as Lisa, and explained the situation through tears. Not only was the thought of meeting her father emotional, but Lisa was also crafting Mother's Day baskets, a stark reminder of Moore's mom who died when she was only 2.

"I hated to interrupt her because she looked like she was busy," said Moore. "I was like, 'Excuse me ma'am. Can I ask you a few questions?' But I was crying because of the Mother's Day baskets."

Lisa understood that Moore was too nervous and shy to approach her possible father alone, WREG reports, so she told the man herself. That kind act led Moore to meet the man she had spent so much time searching for, a reunion years in the making.

Moore is grateful for the kindness of a stranger who helped reunite her with her father.

"She embraced me and she changed my life," she said.

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