5 Weird Facts You Didn't Know About Memphis

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Memphis. Bluff City. Home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll.

Whether you recently moved to Memphis, have lived here all your life, or are just passing through, there may be some strange facts you don't know about Bluff City. That's why we've compiled a list of some of the most interesting, and least well-known, facts about the city.

Named For An Egyptian City

The Pyramid isn't the only tie that the city has with ancient Egypt. The was named after Memphis, Egypt, which was once the ancient capital of the civilization until Alexandria became capital around 320 BCE, according to Mental Floss.

"Hollywood South"

While Hollywood may be the most popular filming location, several major films have been produced in Memphis, which has been dubbed "Hollywood South," according to Memphis Travel. Some of the movies you may recognize include Great Balls of Fire, The Rainmaker, Cast Away, Hustle & Flow, and Walk the Line.

MGM Lion

The majestic lion seen roaring during the iconic openings of old MGM movies found a home in Memphis. After Volney the lion was retired from show business, he was moved to the Memphis Zoo, where he lived until his death in 1944.

Memphis In Music

Musicians love Memphis. According to Memphis Travel and Billboard Magazine, the city has gotten more than 400 shoutouts and mentions in songs, more than any other city in the world.

World's First Self-Serve Grocery Store

If you've ever walked through the aisles of grocery store, you can thank Piggly Wiggly. When it opened in Memphis in 1916, it became the first store that allowed customers to do their own shopping. Prior to that, customers had to give their shopping lists to a worker who would pick up the items for them.

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