Tennessee Man Accused Of Punching Puppy, Threatening Woman With Knife

A man in east Tennessee is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a puppy and threatening a woman with a deadly weapon. Police in Bristol say John Dudley Jr. is facing additional charges following an incident last month where he was accused of dragging a 5-month-old dog by its leash from its crate before punching and kicking the animal. The 30 year old also reportedly pushed the dog's female owner into the wall and held a knife to her throat.

On February 16, police responded to reports of a domestic violence incident. According to FOX 17, Dudley attacked the great Pyrenees puppy when it bit him after he pulled it from its crate by the leash, attempting to put the dog in the bathtub. The female victim, and the dog's owner, told police that was when Dudley began attacking the dog. When she tried to stop him, he pushed her into a wall. She managed to get away and call police, who arrested Dudley for assault and cruelty to animals. The dog was taken to the vet where it was revealed to have injuries to the jaw and front paw as well as missing teeth.

The following day, Dudley went back to the woman's residence where they got into an argument, police said. The confrontation resulted in police being called in again, and the woman told officers that Dudley had previously held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill himself and those she loved.

With his prior history of assaulting the victim, he was ordered to stay away from here and placed on supervised probation. According to police, Dudley was already facing domestic violence and animal cruelty charges, but additional charges have been filed against him, including aggravated assault and two counts of violation of a protection order.

Photo: City of Bristol | Bristol Tennessee Police