Tennessee Among States Facing 'Active Or Imminent Outbreak' Of COVID-19

A new study suggests Tennessee is reportedly among 15 states considered to be facing an "active or imminent outbreak" of COVID-19.

Covid Act Now has compiled data tracking the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Tennessee has a daily new case rate of 27.5 per 100,000, according to the non-profit's latest model.

The Volunteer State ranks 12th nationally and is among the 15 states with a rate of 25 or more, which are considered to be facing an "active or imminent outbreak." Covid Act Now's study breaks down data into five categories: daily new cases per 100k, infection rate, positive test, ICU headroom used and tracers hired.

Tennessee was also considered to be "at risk" for infection rate with an average of 1.2%. However, the Volunteer State was considered to be at safe levels for positive test rate (8.2%), ICU headroom used (48%) and tracers hired (13%).

North Dakota topped the list of states considered to be "at risk" with 72.8 new cases per 100k. Here's are all the states considered to be "at risk" based on daily new cases per 100k:

  1. North Dakota (72.8)
  2. South Dakota (72.1)
  3. Montana (54.1)
  4. Wisconsin (49.7)
  5. Utah (37.3)
  6. Idaho (36.0)
  7. Nebraska (35.3)
  8. Iowa (34.5)
  9. Wyoming (29.5)
  10. Oklahoma (29.4)
  11. Arkansas (28.9)
  12. Tennessee (27.5)
  13. Missouri (26.4)
  14. Kansas (26.0)
  15. Alaska (25.5)

Covid Act Now is a non-profit comprised of epidemiologists, public health experts, public policy leaders and technologists.

Photo: Getty Images