Veggie Tales Takes On Racism

Phil Vischer creator of the very popular Christian cartoon 'Veggie Tales’ releases new video on systemic racism and it has gone viral!!! You've got to check it out below:

Vischer, also the voice of Bob the Tomato, has released another video addressing race, this time looking at U.S. history and past regulations that suppressed the advancement of people of color.

The video titled “Race in America” is available onthe Holy Post YouTube channel.

"We need to talk about race. Why are people protesting; why are people angry? Slavery ended 150 years ago, the civil rights movement was 60 years ago, racial discrimination is illegal now. Heck, we even had a black president. So why are people still upset? We're going to go through history and we're going to look at some data,” Vischer begins in the 15-minute video. 

Showing an image of two houses, he says, "These are two households in America, one is black, the other is white. Today the average black household has 60% of the income of the average white household, but only one 10th of the household wealth."

He said household wealth helps to fund schools, launch small businesses, stabilizes loss of income, and helps families survive unexpected divorce or unemployment.

"What's amazing about this number is that there are lots of extremely wealthy African Americans: movie stars, pop stars, 75% of the NBA, 70% of the NFL, Oprah, Tyler Perry, [Dr.] Ben Carson, Morgan Freeman. And there are a lot of extremely poor white families; think of Appalachia and other parts of rural America. But even when we factor all that in, the average black household still has only one 10th, the wealth of the average white household,” Vischer said. 

  ByJeannie Law, Christian Post Reporter

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