Master P Has His Own Brand of Ramen Noodles

Rapper/Mogul Master P announced on Instagram Monday that he now has a line of Ramen Noodles called "Rap Noodles".

“Chef-Boy-Ar-P. I grew up on noodles now I created my own brand,” he wrote in the caption of him holding a cup of the noodles (watch above). “Start small and build. Get you some product if you want to be successful. It’s nothing like this New Orleans flavor creamy chicken and gumbo. You can cook it on the stove or you can put it in the microwave.”

According to reports, flavors of Rap Noodles will include Creamy Chicken Gumbo, Hot N Spicy Cajun Shrimp, Spicy Picante Chicken, and Sirloin Steak Beef.

Rap Snacks was founded by James Lindsay, who launched the brand in 1994 alongside Master P.

No word yet on when exactly these instant ramen noodles will hit the stores.

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