Teen Overcomes Homelessness, Earns $3M in Scholarships

Tupac Mosley, a teenager from Memphis, Tennessee, stopped by the Early Morning Praise Party with Dre Monie & Sherry Mackey.

This incredible young man is being celebrated after overcoming extreme personal challenges and achieving academic success.

This Raleigh Egypt High School senior Tupac Mosley maintained a 4.3 GPA, received a 31 ACT score and was named valedictorian of his graduating class all while dealing with the death of his father and being homeless. Tupac shared that there was no stability in where he lived but he always had a roof over his head.

The now 18-year-old was accepted into more than 50 colleges and earned more than $3 million in scholarships. He will attend Tennessee State University where he plans to study electrical engineering. The President of TSU shared that he will not struggle with homelessness in school he will receive housing and a food plan to go along with his academic scholarship.

Mosley, who lived in a tent at one point, told CNN, “It was an honor and a blessing.”

He originally set a personal goal of earning $1 million in scholarships to “do the best for his school,” but quickly decided to “beat a million” after he began to receive offers.

The teen’s hard work paid off, but he had no idea just how much. “I actually did not know that I received $3 million until graduation,” he said.

Achieving academic success is a generational blessing in Mosley’s family; his older brother was also a valedictorian.

Mosley attributed his success to a great support system which included his family, friends, school staff and particularly a counselor who always encouraged him.

This humble young man who is very overwhelmed by all of the attention is amazed by his accomplishments and how far he’s come, Mosley said, “As I’ve been worrying about finances and money for most of my life, to know that I can be doing something that I enjoy for my next four years and really … starting my career off is … refreshing and motivating.”

Congratulations Tupac and continue to make us proud!!!

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