Florida Police Slam A 15 Year To The Ground Head First

A Broward County, Florida sheriff's office has launched an investigation into allegations of police brutality after a viral video shows deputies pepper-spray a 15 year old and violently slamming him to the ground.

Officials are apparently looking into what happened when deputies encountered a group of students from J.P. Taravella High School who had gathered at a nearby McDonald's to watch a fight.

Multiple celebrities have shared the video via social media expressing their outrage and calling for action against these deputies.

In the video, you see what appears to be white deputies brutally attack the teen who appears to say something to one of the officers, who sprays him point blank in the face before throwing him violently to the ground. Another officer twice slams his forehead and punches him in the head with his fist.

Warning the VIDEO is graphic and disturbing!!! Take a look at the video above and share your thoughts.

Were police justified in their actions? Some say the young man should have walked away from officers others say that the officers deserve to be fired. What do you say?

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