This Takes Kissing Cousins To Another Level!!! WOW


Two first cousins married each other in Colorado, where marriage between first cousins is allowed. Now, they've started a petition to get legally married in their home state of Utah.

Angela Peang told CBS News she has been in love with her cousin, Michael Lee, since second grade.

When family members once caught Angela and Michael kissing, “We got in trouble,” she recalled. “After that we were kind of kept apart.”

They each grew up and married other people. Peang had three children with her husband. The first cousins reconnected after about 10 years at their grandmother’s house last Christmas.

The couple decided to be together has received mixed reviews from their Mormon family.

Peang and Lee are not legally allowed to get married in Utah, but the law is different in Colorado. So the cousins traveled to Grand Junction and tied the knot at the courthouse.

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