Gayle King Is The New Face Of The Unbothered

CBS This Morning host Gayle King’s interview with embattled singer, R. Kelly, went viral. This was R. Kelly's first time speaking out since he was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Many are commending Gayle King for her poise and calmness in how she handled the interview even when R. Kelly became emotional, yelling, screaming and even standing over her. When the photo began circulating Gayle's bestie Oprah and her children were concerned and called to check on her. She assured them she was fine and never felt threatened.

Gayle is being lauded now as the new face of the unbothered as she seemed unmoved by R. Kelly's antics or his tears.

Check out Gayle King's entire interview with R. Kelly on CBS in prime time tonight at 7pm.

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