A Morehouse Professor Goes Above & Beyond

WARNING!!! This pulls at the heart strings. Morehouse Professor, Dr. Nathan Alexander volunteered to hold the baby of a young father in his class so that the student could take "good notes" during his math lecture.

Wayne Hayer, a student at the all-male distinguished Morehouse college in Atlanta, had to bring his baby girl to class last week after he couldn’t find child care. His professor,Dr. Nathan Alexander, volunteered to hold the baby girl while teaching to assist the dad.

Dr. Alexander taught the entire class while holding the baby in a carrier that you wear like a backwards backpack. He even continued after class while helping students with questions about the lecture.

A fellow student Nick Vaughn captured the pictured and shared it on social media and it has gone viral.

The student's wife, Firda Hayer, shared on social media how touched she is for the professor's kindness and the support the couple has received from complete strangers. She also explained that her husband works two jobs along with being a full-time student.

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