Oprah's on the Cover of Elle in India

Famous Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee recently shared photos on instagram of pictures from a photo shoot with Oprah Winfrey for Elle India’s twenty-second anniversary issue.

Oprah wore a Sabyasachi custom-made sari on the December 2018 cover, in her debut on the Indian publication. She previously dressed in Sabyasachi when she visited the royal family of Jaipur for dinner in 2012.

In a post on Instagram, the designer revealed details about his meeting with the famous talk show host.

“Nothing prepares you for meeting Oprah in real life. Oprah isn’t just one of the world’s most influential personalities. She’s larger than life, but also as real as it gets! So, if she says she’s coming home for pizza, you better take her word for it and keep that dinner table laid out well in time for her arrival!”

Check out some of the pictures from his posts below:

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