Prayers for Sunday Best Winner Tasha Page Lockhart

Divorce is devastating but especially when you are in the public eye AND in the church!!!

Sunday Best winner Tasha Page Lockhart is taking control of her narrative after being hurt by someone who decided to go live about her divorce.

As a public figure whose in the church who went through a divorce, no one ever marries to get a divorce. You are already hurt but that hurt is multiplied when church folks decided to insert their 2 cents or start discussing the failure of your marriage.

Check out the Gospel Artist's instagram post below:

Tasha shared: @larryreidlive went live today about my divorce and although I was a little upset for a moment I had to remember that he only used what I had already made public. Family, please remember to stay in control of your own narrative. It’s truly not “breaking news” if I’ve said it first! Secondly, it’s sad that someone that was once a Pastor in the Lord’s Church is now content with spreading discord amongst the body of Christ. Lord have mercy. Carry on #YouReapWhatYouSow

Fans and fellow gospel artists alike expressed their love and support!!!

mrjamesfortune: It's sad sis. He thinks that's the only way he can stay relevant. 99.9% of the hate he speaks be complete lies. "Even the greatest liar has his believers". But God will give you more grace and power when you Pray for him. And trust me "it won't hurt you". Keep your head up and keep moving forward in your purpose. I'm praying for you! Love you! 💜

thewallsgroup: Keep on keeping on Sis!!! 💯💪🏽✊🏾

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