Tyler Perry's Message At Lakewood Church

Before there was a media mogul Tyler Perry, the Hollywood star struggled before he landed his big break and recently, he shared his inspiring story with a Houston-based congregation Lakewood.

Tyler Perry shared his rags to riches story at the Lakewood Church Saturday, August 4th.

“I was running from poverty and failure wasn’t an option. I knew there was something higher for me and I had to go with everything I had,” Perry shared. “I had to risk everything, I had to put everything on the line.”

Perry shared the valuable advice that helped him throughout his journey.

“Don’t stop. No matter who says what, no matter how many people tell you to stop, don’t stop,” he said.

He also spoke about his faith, and why he chose to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to Lakewood after Hurricane Harvey.

Watch the video above.


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