Rule Change is Great News for College Athletes!

The NCAA announced a rule change Wednesday that will allow players to return to school if they declare for the NBA draft but are not selected.

Although a return to school would be "pending future action from the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association," it would take much of the risk out of declaring for the draft.

In addition to that rule change, high school players can take more official visits to colleges, and elite high school recruits are also permitted to hire agents to help them "make informed decisions about going pro."

Last month, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the league is likely to change its age-eligibility rule.

Players must be one year removed from high school to enter the draft, which has created the one-and-done landscape in college basketball, with top players attending college for one year before making the leap to the NBA.

It is expected the NBA will change its age rule in time for the 2021 NBA draft, although that hasn't officially been announced.

MIKE CHIARI (The Bleacher Report)

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