New Series 'God Friended Me' on CBS This Fall

I am so excited as CBS is gearing up to premiere a new drama series  "God Friended Me"about an atheist whose rejection of faith is challenged after he receives a friend request from God. It will air Sundays starting this fall.

The lead character, "Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) is an outspoken atheist who happens to be a radio show host, ironically, receives a friend request on social media from God. When he accepts it, Miles is led to Cara Bloom ⏤ an online journalist who also receives a friend request from the 'God Account.' This experience transforms Miles and Cara into agents of change in the lives of those around him. Miles and Cara have to deal with their past hurt and trauma while God brings their lives full circle. 

The plot thickens as Miles' father, a pastor, tries to convince his son to return to his Christian faith and stop pushing atheism on his radio program which he says is leading people to have no hope in life.

Check out the trailer above which already has 1 million views on YouTube.

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