The Royal Wedding With Ethnic Pride

From the African American Bishop’s Royal Wedding address, The Kingdom Choir to Oprah Winfrey & Idris Elba in attendance...the Royal Wedding definitely celebrated Black culture.


No doubt the wedding of the century, the royal wedding was filled with both beautiful and touching moments that showed the diversity of the couple.  Many people have been raving about the Kingdom Choir, from South East England when they sang Ben E. King’s classic song “Stand by Me” and  “This Little Light Of Mine.”

Check it out below:


Led by founder and director Karen Gibson, the award-winning multi-denominational choir has been in existence for nearly 20 years, performing all over the world.

Handpicked by by Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (The Duke & Duchess of Sussex), the first black leader of the Episcopal Church in the United States, the Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry gave a fiery address to the 600 wedding guests.

The sermon on love, delivered with passion filled with quotes from the Word of God, Martin Luther King Jr. and African-American spirituals, was a quite different from what the royal family is used to.

Check it out below:


If you didn't get to see the Royal Wedding, check out the entire wedding below:



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