Kamdyn Holloway is a 6 yr old SCS kindergartener that resides in Memphis, TN. She is an intellingent, spunky, little girl who is full of personality. If asked where she came up with the idea to help St. Jude, her response is simply, "God just gave it to me." Coloring, writing, and drawing are a few of her favorite things to do, so, after seeing that St. Jude needed art supplies for its patients to use in the waiting rooms while researching ways to help, she knew this project was perfect for her to tackle. She randomly selected start and end dates on the calendar, and named the drive "Kamdyn Kares". The items being collected to fill the "waiting room fun bags", as St. Jude calls them, include crayons, coloring books, coloring pencils, markers, composition books, sketch pads, pencils and stickers. To arrange for pickup for your donations, please email the Kamdyn Kares email address at kamdynkares@gmail.com. Kamdyn's goal is 1,000 bags, which will go a long way towards providing much needed distractions for the patients. Please help Kamdyn bless some well deserving children!!