Grace Bush, grad from college b4 high school

Grace Bush

Ever heard of a 16-year-old college graduate who hasn’t even received her high school diploma yet? You may answer yes.

Meet Grace Bush.

The high-achieving teen is a student at Florida Atlantic University High School, which will hold its graduation ceremony this Friday, according to the Sun Sentinel. The H.S. has a special program with FAU that allows young students to earn college credit at no cost while in high school.

At FAU High, a student will typically earn about three years of college credit, but Grace started earlier than most; and earned college credits at Broward College at age 13. She accelerated so quickly through FAU’s program that she has already completed her four years of college to receive a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and became the youngest member of her graduating class this year.


When 16-year-old Grace Bush receives her high school diploma this week, she won’t be looking forward to four years in college -- but that's not because she won’t be getting a higher degree. Bush received her college diploma days before graduating high school, according to CBS Miami.

Bush attended Florida Atlantic University High School in Boca Raton where students are given the opportunity to dual enroll in college courses and earn credits for a higher degree, according to the Sun Sentinel.

“I started when I was 13 at Broward College and I also took my classes throughout the summer, so I was able to finish it before four years,” Bush, who received her degree from Florida Atlantic University, told CBS Miami.

Bush is one of nine children. Her two older siblings also received their college degrees early, but Bush’s mother, Gisela, said her daughter is a particularly quick learner.

"She was very accelerated. She started reading at 2, and she could perform as well as her older sister who was three years her senior," the mother told the Sun Sentinel.

Bush, who will soon start a master’s program, says she would eventually like to go to law school and then become chief justice of the United States.

Her father told local outlet WPBF he doesn't think her dream is too far-fetched.

"She graduated at the age of 16; do you think she can achieve that?" Bobby Bush asked the outlet. "I believe so."