Olivia’s dad use to be head of the secret organization B6-13.. last week Olivia and her team dismantled the organization. Jake the new command or head of B6-13 revealed that her mom was getting ready to kill the president. They had to bring in Daddy Pope back in for assistance.….Olivia had to dismiss Jake because he and her dad couldn’t work together.


Daddy Pope got a little revenge on the man who he thought his wife loved their whole marriage and then Moma Pope paid him a visit and got her own revenge.

Olivia found Daddy Pope badly wounded in her floor…….NOOOOOO


Defiance is where the scandal to steal the whitehouse happened you were led to believe it was where the bomb was set to go off but nah nah that was too easy.


It was revealed to Cyrus where the bomb was set to go off and he decided to keep the information to himself to destroy to problems at the same time….Smiling Faces.


Mellie finally leaked her issue regarding her being unsure of her son’s paternity…… (It’s My Turn)


Huck & Quinn are fully involved and they are seemingly only ready to fix each other.