Parents, there is a new FREE app that you really need to be aware of it's the anonymous, hyper-local gossip app Yik Yak. It's a whole new way to cyber bully students and remain anonymous.

My daugther Courtney first told me about this app a few months ago and shared how hurt and humiliated some students at her school have been by the post that some students have posted about them on the site.

Yik Yak was launched in December 2013 and currently has about 100,000 users. It allows individuals to post comments anonymously, essentially operating similar to Twitter but without handles. Yik Yak was designed to be a new social community that lets college students connect through anonymous, location-based posts. While Yik Yak was made for college students, younger users can still sign up. The app is causing problems in middle and high schools across the United States because students are using the chat app to post bullying threats and even bomb threats.

Students are basically sitting in class and scrolling through the feeds and reading what some are saying about their peers and sometimes themselves. You sometime have confessions like "I have a crush on John Doe" or "I'd like to ask Jane Doe out but I'm scared" but unfortunately many choose to attack other students and get very personal, ugly and mean.

The app has embarrased so many students that some have left school because of the humiliation and embarrassment. Many schools have banned the apps because of the distraction, disruption, and hurt it is causing.

Parents, you are the first line of defense...when was the last time you had a candid conversation with your child? When was the last time you went through your child's phone? There should be no privacy or personal space in your child's life that you can't invade at will. IJS