Oprah is a real life wonder woman, so it’s no surprise that she got giddy off of the movie (like many other women). Seeing a strong, female, protagonist is important for children and adults alike. Oprah was so excited about the movie and threw a party at her home, for twenty-eight 10 year olds and their parents.


She posted a video on Instagram, crowning Wonder Woman cake from Charm City Cakes.

She shared her pre-party planning and everything is wonder woman. Oprah had wonder woman popcorn buckets and cups for the guests.

She also had havaianas with Wonder Woman on the soles. So cute and we want a pair!

Of course the food is going to be yummy. Oprah had chef’s prepare hamburgers and hotdogs for the kids and adults had a butter lettuce salad with blue cheese amongst other delicious food.

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Oprah Winfrey @Oprah

Sadie's not so sure about her wonderwomanness.

3:53 PM - 13 Jun 2017

The only one not as enthused about the party was Oprah’s dog, Sadie, whom she dressed in a matching head piece.

This whole she-bang (pun intended) looked like a grand ole time!