Great Sunday Morning!!! While driving in to the studio of 95.7, I just thought about how awesome our GOD is!!!! I am driving an automobile that has "cold" blowing air, my radio works in my automobile, when I put the key in the automobile started up...on the first turn!!!!

To some people, this may not seem like much. However, if you have been in an automobile that didn't do the above mentioned understand! Not only did I not have air in my car, I couldn't drive more than 10n - 15 miles before I had to put water and/or oil in it!

We sometimes need to remember the things GOD has ALREADY done for us. Thank HIM!!! Even if your automobile isn't what you desire, or it may not have air...or you may not have an automobile at all right now. Just praise HIM for what HE has already done. In all things, we praise HIM. Our praise changes things. Spend this Sunday morning just praising HIM. Get ready...blessings are about to overtake you!