Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is a big topic of discussion today. However, the fascination has nothing to do with her impressive resume, formal education, or any type of political agenda. Today, Michelle Obama is the epitome of an average American just like the rest of us. However, her amazing dose of Black Girl Magic is turning heads today. 

Beautiful and Natural: Whenever Michelle Obama graces the cover of a magazine or the paparazzi snaps photos of her, her tresses are usually straightened and perfectly in place. But today, Michelle is rockin’ her natural hair and she’s flooding social media timelines everywhere. It all started with a jaw-dropping photo.

According to the Huffington Post, the photo was originally shared on Twitter on April 2. Although it has not been confirmed when or where the photo was snapped, one thing is for sure: Michelle Obama’s natural hair is absolutely beautiful.

Check out the photo:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama can now wear her natural hair if she wants to.

Social Media Reaction: It is being reported that Barack Obama is currently writing his memoir in the French Polynesian islands so that may have been where Michele Obama was when the picture was taken,  but that didn’t stop Twitter from having a damn fit. Many social media users noted that they’ve been waiting for this natural hair moment for the longest. Others reveled in the glow of Obama’s melanin. 

Needless to say, everyone’s happy to see the real Michelle and she’s received tons of compliments from adoring fans. Of course, Black Twitter wasted no time reacted to the photo. Although most people miss the Obamas in the White House, most social media users agree it’s quite refreshing to see them relaxing and enjoying life’s comforts after all of their hard work and sacrifices for America.