It is now 7:00am, Saturday morning. As I look at my wife sleeping, I realize just how much I love her. Think about it, I leave our home most mornings at 7:30am...I may noy make it back home till 10:30pm. Yeah, we talk all through the day...even get together for lunch a lot of days. Nevertheless, she never complains. When I come home, there is ALWAYS a meal waiting for me. She takes care of our two boys all day, and still manages to prepare a hot meal everyday.

You hear me all happy and energetic each day on the radio. This would not be possible without the joy, peace, and LOVE that my wife gives to our home everyday. If you have a spouse that keeps you smiling, loves on you even when you are not at your best, supports you & is your #1 cheerleader...take this time to call, text, email, or go into the other room and tell them THANK YOU!!!! Mrs. Monie, THANK YOU!!!!