Drake has been known to attach himself to a winner, wearing the hats of various high-profile teams and showing up in locker rooms to take part in championship celebrations.

The NBA, apparently believing the rapper took his sporting allegiances a bit too far during a recent concert in Toronto, fined the Toronto Raptors $25,000 because Drake made a recruiting pitch to Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant during the concert. Drake’s shout-out to Durant while the NBA’s most valuable player was in attendance violated the league’s anti-tampering rules, according to ESPN.com, because Drake serves in an official capacity as the Raptors’ global ambassador (whatever that is).

“I just want to show one of my brothers something,” Drake told the crowd at his concert. “You know, my brother Kevin Durant was kind enough to come to the show tonight and watch us. I just want him to see what would happen if he came to play in Toronto. Let him know what would happen.”

The crowd then reportedly chanted “KD! KD!” Durant remains under contract with the Thunder for two more seasons.

Do you think this will encourage KD to consider the Raptors when his contract with OKC is complete?