Image: A Dollar Tree Store & a Family Dollar shopping basket (© Toby Talbot/AP; Jim Young/Reuters)

So, at $1 for each item, how many items does Dollar Tree have to sell to purchase its rival Family Dollar? Well, it seems about 8.5 billion!!!! $8.5 billion is the cost for Dollar Tree to buy out Family Dollar.

Dollar Tree plans to continue to operate both the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar brands. Dollar Tree stores sell all items for $1 or less and CEO Bob Sasser told investors Monday they will continue to do so. Family Dollar stores sells many items for more than $1 and will stay with that pricing policy as well.

Combined, the two chains have more than 13,000 stores and annual revenue of $18 billion. That would surpass the current leader in the dollar-store sector, Dollar General, which has more than 11,000 stores and revenue of $17.5 billion.

Do you think this a good move for us...the consumers?