The other day while I was watching a basketball game, my wife walks into the room and says "Thank you, Baby". I stopped watching television, and asked her "Thank you for what?".  She said " Just for everything..picking up the groceries, putting gas in my truck, even for keeping the lawn togther."

I felt like a million bucks!!!! It made me smile from ear to ear. At halftime of the game, I went into the bedroom where she was with the baby. I kissed her on her head, and said "Go to the mall tomorrow, and get yourself something."

How pleased do you think GOD would be if you gave HIM a simple THANK YOU? I mean without asking for anything, Thank HIM for your home, your job, your family,...just THANK HIM! Remember, we can not even enter into HIS gates without THANKING HIM (Psalms 100:4).

My wife's spirit of thankfulness caused me to wanna do even more. How much more does GOD want to do for us?!!! Just tell HIM a simple THANK YOU!!!!