With proposed cuts planned at the Memphis Police Department, members of the Memphis City Council spent Tuesday morning trying to figure out other ways to keep you safe.

They snap your picture when you run a red light. And now, some $2 million worth of ticket money paid by red light runners is being used to protect you.

"That just goes to show you how much resources are available for people in the community to feel safe and help themselves," said Memphis City Councilman Harold Collins.

Councilman Collins says nearly $400,000 in ticket revenue will be used to put up even more cameras

That money will also be used to place GPS units in hundreds of Memphis police cruisers.

"With the reduction in staffing that the Memphis Police Department is seeing with normal turnover, this will help increase public safety in different ways," said Memphis CAO George Little.

Officials say with the addition of even more red light cameras, officer safety won't be as much of an issue since the cameras can be used in a 360-degree view.

Officials say speed cameras should also be coming online within this year.